* Events dedicated to Advertisers
Open to all Members, the Conferences bring together 4-6 key players that share their ambitions and feedback to an audience composed of 80-150 decision makers related to the chosen theme. EBG organizes at least one meeting every week.
Task Forces*
A Task Force is 1 cycle of 4 mornings of brainstorming every 4-6 weeks, dedicated to the major challenges faced by decision makers on a given issue. Each Task Force gathers a joint working group composed of about 20 individually-selected decision makers. The exchanges are confidential to allow participants to openly exchange (publications are subject to approval). A report is produced at the end of the session and sent to participants or presented at a fifth event.
Digital Innovation
Every year since 2009, EBG gathers large groups & e-retailers within the innovation ecosystem for a day of discussion and networking. Nearly 700 top executives participate annually in a day of debate on the Digital Strategies of their businesses.
Digital Performance*
Two days entirely dedicated to Advertisers and online retailers. Big Brand Days are attended each year by nearly 600 brands. The only providers present are the partners selected to accompany participants on selected hot topics of the year.
After the success of the first edition in London in 2017, Benchmark by EBG 2018 in Barcelona brings together more than 400 leading digital decision makers on 5th & 6th April (welcome soirée on the 4th evening). For two days, dedicated round tables will compare and challenge digital marketing technologies. The event also features workshops, inspiring conferences and startups around technological innovation and hundreds of One-2-One meetings between high-level participants.
General Assembly
The General Assembly invites the big bosses to confront digital, the disruption brought by innovation in their sectors, emerging new business models, etc. A day formed around a series of keynotes, panel discussions and networking, annually gathering between 900-1,200 participants of policy-making profiles.
University of Advertisers*
University of Advertisers are half-days of training, divided in 4-5 workshops, led by coaches whom are experts on the issues discussed. Each workshop includes a dozen professional project leaders within their companies. People change workshops every 40 minutes that are formed around an entire theme.
EBG 500 Dinners
Organized for high-level attendees, EBG 500 Dinners biannually gather members of management boards of member companies. Around 450 people on average are involved in these dinners (68% Advertisers).
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