What is ebg?

With 660 member companies and more than 110,000 digital professionals, the Electronic Business Group (the EBG) is the main digital innovation think-tank in France.

EBG's activities include conferences on hot topics of the digital economy and marketing and Task Forces, which are working groups of Advertisers and e-merchants who meet every 6 weeks.

Alongside weekly meetings, annual events bring together all stakeholders in digital:

The General Assembly (900 professionals, 68% Advertisers)
Big Brand Days (600 brands over two days)
Digital Innovation: Synergies & Co-Marketing Trade with Brands - Startups
• “Benchmark Barcelona 2018”, a meeting of 300 French and Spanish Advertisers

Finally, every 3 months, the EBG 500 Dinner gathers together all Digital leaders in France (CMOs, Ecommerce Directors, Agencies, Media, etc.).


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