Why Attend

The Concept

Large, fragmented, more and more complex, the landscape of MarTech solutions, is often criticized for its lack of readability.

Meanwhile, businesses find themselves faced with the need to take advantage of an array of big concepts, many with blurry lines. In this context, the expertise of these new domains, so full of promises, will first go through understanding: the different ecosystems, the positioning of the publishers and their technologies, and the selection criteria that allow businesses to find a solution.

Through its 3 pillars: a constant in-depth analysis of the ecosystems, a web platform to source and compare the MarTech solutions and an annual event to bring it all together.
The Digital Benchmark aims to assist decision-makers, marketers, and companies in their MarTech reflections.

Why Berlin

Welcome to the fastest growing tech hub in Europe

With easy access to the rest of Europe as well as a qualified and culturally diverse labour force, Berlin has become a place that brings young (Zalando, Sound Cloud, 6wunderkinder, Onefootball, Wooga...) and established companies (Axel Springer, Deutsche Telekom, Mozilla, Nokia, Universal Music, Viacom International Media Networks...) together in a thriving ecosystem.

As a trans-sector technology, the digital economy is the foundation for future-oriented sectors such as the energy, healthcare and mobility industries. In this regard, Berlin, a “Smart City,” is an ideal practice laboratory.

The Digital Benchmark Yearbook

The Yearbook is a global MarTech report, given exclusively to the participants, that delivers the year’s trends and showcases the best case studies in each field :

  • Data Marketing
  • Data Science
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optiization
  • Adtech
  • Connected Commerce
  • Creation & Optimization (Website & Mobile App)
  • Social Media

The Program

The Digital Benchmark will present different Marketing and Technologic topics (Data Marketing, Data Science, CRM, Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Adtech, Retail, Social Media …) through conferences and workshops.
The full agenda is not finalized yet but the first studies have already started with several consulting firms:

The Schedule

  • 08:30 | Main Stage - Inspirational Sessions
  • 08:50 | Conferences: Use Cases (10')
  • 09:10 | Conferences: Benchmark Sessions (40')
  • 10:05 | Workshops: Workshop Sessions (30')
  • 10:40 | One-2-One Meetings / Coffee Break
  • 11:50 | Conférences: Benchmark Sessions (40')
  • 12:35 | Lunch
  • 14:00 | Workshops: Workshop Sessions (30')
  • 14:40 | Main Stage - Inspirational Sessions
  • 14:55 | Conferences: Benchmark Sessions (40')
  • 15:40 | Conferences: Use Cases (10')
  • 15:55 | Conferences: Benchmark Sessions (40')
  • 16:40 | One-2-One Meetings / Coffee Break
  • 19:30 | VIP Dinner

Who we are

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EBG’s activities include over 240 annual focused events, gathering leading French and European digital stakeholders. Events range from annual events and conferences dedicated to hot topics of the digital economy and marketing, to Task Forces, which are working groups of advertisers and e-merchants who meet every 6 weeks.

For more information: www.EBG.net

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