Why Attend

The Concept

Large, fragmented, more and more complex, the landscape of MarTech solutions, is often criticized for its lack of readability.

Meanwhile, businesses find themselves faced with the need to take advantage of an array of big concepts, many with blurry lines. In this context, the expertise of these new domains, so full of promises, will first go through understanding: the different ecosystems, the positioning of the publishers and their technologies, and the selection criteria that allow businesses to find a solution.

Through its 3 pillars: a constant in-depth analysis of the ecosystems, a web platform to source and compare the MarTech solutions and an annual event to bring it all together.
The Digital Benchmark aims to assist decision-makers, marketers, and companies in their MarTech projects.

Why Berlin

Welcome to the fastest growing tech hub in Europe

With easy access to the rest of Europe as well as a qualified and culturally diverse labour force, Berlin has become a place that brings young (Zalando, Sound Cloud, 6wunderkinder, Onefootball, Wooga...) and established companies (Axel Springer, Deutsche Telekom, Mozilla, Nokia, Universal Music, Viacom International Media Networks...) together in a thriving ecosystem.

As a trans-sector technology, the digital economy is the foundation for future-oriented sectors such as the energy, healthcare and mobility industries. In this regard, Berlin, a “Smart City,” is an ideal practice laboratory.

The Digital Benchmark Yearbook

The Yearbook is a global MarTech report, given exclusively to the participants, that delivers the year’s trends and showcases the best case studies in each field :

  • Data Marketing
  • Data Science
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Adtech
  • Connected Commerce
  • Creation & Optimization (Website & Mobile App)
  • Social Media

The Program

Wednesday 22nd May

12:00 PM - Registration at Orly Terminal 4
5:00 PM - Hotel Checkin
6:30 PM - Welcome Drink
8:30 PM - Welcome Dinner

Friday 24th May

7:30 PM - Arrival at Orly Terminal 4

Thursday 23rd MayFriday 24th May
8:30 AM - 8:35 AM
Welcome Address by EBG
8:55 AM - 9:10 AM
Use Case
Marketing technological stack & customer journey, the ultimate association for your digital performance?
At the time where experience is your brand differentiation key factor, your digital performance is very often driven at the last touchpoint, in a manual way with a traffic only vision.It is urgent to operate a change management to put the customer journey at the heart of your digital performance and answer to the organization and tool challenges.We are proposing pragmatic answers, replicable and illustrated by a case study.
Accenture Interactive - Thomas Pinte, Account Director
Use Case
Brands' relational promise boosted by Machine Learning
How a leader in the insurance sector has set up a dynamic customer satisfaction management program to serve several departments of the company?

A complex Data Science project, part of an ambitious business strategy: more than just an insurance company, to become a service company dedicated to its customers.

Decoding a data-driven approach to the business lines' advantage, which will also deliver best practices in terms of team adoption.
Use Case
A personalised experience, from acquisition to conversion
Advertisers are becoming increasingly mature when it comes to personalisation and want to provide ever-more refined, advanced experiences.

The question then is how to create a bridge between Acquisition & Experience in order to give users a cohesive personalised experience
throughout their journey and in doing so increase the performances of digital mechanisms.
9:30 AM - 9:40 AM
Inspirational Sessions
9:45 AM - 10:25 AM
At the time of the GDPR, how DMPs allow brands to rethink the management of customer journeys?
Setting up GDPR, the arrival of the CDP, half-hearted feedback... in one year, the challenges DMP publishers had to solve were numerous. Nevertheless, nowadays these technologies are still on the rise considering the increased rate of equipment in advertisers. By answering reconciliation issues on the online-offline customer journey, cross-channel activation and even monetization, these solutions provide strategic answers to companies during their digital transformation around the central issue of data governance.

Solutions to consider: Eulerian, Oracle, Mediarithmics, Weborama, Numberly (1000 MERCIS), Adobe, Salesforce, Commanders Act.
Waisso - Jérémy Lacoste, Team Manager Acquisition
A shift from Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel Retailing
As the retail landscape continued to change and multi-channel seemed to reach its limitation, the retail world moved forwards a new phase so-called Omni-channel retail model.

Omnichannel Retail optimizes multiple sales channels while at the same time brings about a high level of integration among them.

The aim of this session is to help you understand how to start implementing an omni-channel experience into your company. We'll even highlight some inspiring use cases that are already making moves to create experiences that are more omni-channel.
3W Consulting - Olivia Vigouroux, Founder
Overview of DSP solutions & Trading Desks
This session will present the main DSPs and Trading Desks of the market and will present a "programmatic maturity" matrix.

Omni-canal DSP to consider: Appnexus, DV360, Mediamath, Amobee / Turn, Amazon DSP, The TradeDesk, Adform, Sizmek, Adobe / Tubemogul, Mediarithmics.

Specific-canal DSP to consider: Tabmo, S4M, Vectaury, Adot, Displayce, AdsWizz.
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
One-2-One Meetings / Coffee Break
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
The Rise of Data & Activation Platforms - Focus on the CDP Ecosystem
This session aims to help marketers to more effectively define the evolution of these ecosystems between data and activation. We will talk about platforms, which encompass all of the categories DMP, CDP, Marketing Automation (B2C/B2B) and personalisation tools. The goal is to help marketers identify the important features and relevant use cases and of course position the categories of solutions relative to each other by identifying the common elements and specific characteristics of each family.

Solutions to consider: Mediarithmics, NP6 Conversational Marketing, Mapp Intelligence, NGDATA, Quintessence (Webedia), Numberly (1000Mercis), Retail Marketing Platform (Ysance), Eulerian CDP, Commanders Act, Tealium Audiencestream
Colombus Consulting Shift - Jean Meneveau, Managing Partner
Overview of the Omni-channel Customer Relationship Management Ecosystem
Omni-channel experience is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling, and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out.

General solutions to consider: Genesys, Prosodie, Nice in Contact, Avaya, Vocalcom, Akio, Kiamo, Eloquant, Atos Wordline.
Best-of-breed solutions to consider: Eptica, Snap Call, iAdvize, Dimelo, Zendesk, Odigo.
How to manage digital media through the Multi-touch Attribution?
With the multiplication of touchpoints, media, levers, devices, advertising formats, ... Digital offers the opportunity to reach its target throughout its purchasing journey. In this context, the valuation of all digital campaigns becomes crucial to drive, challenge and optimize investments.The multi-touch attribution solutions allow to revalue the performances in rebuilt the consumer journey. How to use these solutions to better manage its media investments?Which opportunities do these solutions offer?What are the challenges to tackle for their deployment? What are the limits and caveats?

Solutions to consider: MixCommander (Commanders Act), Eulerian, VisualIQ (Nielsen Marketing Cloud), Adloop, Ysance | Mazeberry, Wizaly.
Converteo - Guilhem Bodin, Senior Manager
12:35 PM - 1:50 PM
1:50 PM - 2:20 PM
Use Case
10 Workshops to develop practical skills and grow deep knowledge. As seats are limited, participants are required to sign up to them in advance.
2:25 PM - 2:55 PM
Use Case
10 Workshops to develop practical skills and grow deep knowledge. As seats are limited, participants are required to sign up to them in advance.
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
One-2-One Meetings / Coffee Break
4:20 PM - 4:30 PM
Inspirational Sessions
4:30 PM - 5:10 PM
The Marketing Automation Benchmark for B2B businesses
This benchmark is a comparison of the main Marketing Automation B2B software companies in Europe. The objective is to enable CMOs across Europe to make an informed decision when choosing the right software for their companies and teams.

We will also discuss Marketing Automation trends for the coming years:
  • One platform to rule them all: a growing need for centralized data in order to optimize and streamline the customer journey.
  • The importance of synching Marketing Automation and CRM to improve the collaboration across the company and ultimately improve the customer journey and the bottom line.
  • Integrating new data-processing technologies in order to improve data-driven marketing decision making.
  • Change management: identify training needs to accelerate the onboarding of the different teams involved and make sure they embrace these new technologies.
B2B solutions to consider: ACT-ON, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot (Salesforce).
Markentive - Christian Neff, CEO & Founder
Current state of the Social Media Management ecosystem
With the huge glut of tools available out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the ones that won't break the bank and will actually help make your organization. Use the right tool at the right moment!Here are 6 powerful social media tools for your community that are guaranteed to increase brand presence.

Solutions to consider: Sprinklr, Agorapulse, Hootsuite, Meltwater, Facelift, Falcon.io.
Nexton - Aurélie Dhot, Head of International Sales
Nexton - Soraya Benali, Head of Digital
E-Commerce platforms: which ones are relevant to get a competitive advantage today and tomorrow?
As the e-commerce platforms gain in maturity, the product range is now wide and editors can either address basic or complex needs. Platforms can do much more than the expected transaction features, and their product development roadmap is full of promises. Therefore, they can adapt to a wide range of business cases, but with different TCO strategies. This is why our benchmark aims both at analyzing platforms through business cases (concerning retailers, B2B activities, or omnichannel strategies) and at providing insights for tomorrow's new standards.

Solutions to consider: Magento, Salesforce, Woocommerce, Drupal, Oxatis, Wizishop, Intershop, Solusquare, Visiativ, Oracle Commerce cloud, SAP Hybris, Proximis, Shopify, Oro.
Thinkmarket - Gerald Espardellier, Senior Manager
5:15 PM - 5:55 PM
How to use B2C Marketing Automation technology to best engage your customers
In this new era of instant consumption patterns, brands need to ensure and operate a consistent and relevant communication to every interaction on every touch point, whether physical - human or digital.To achieve this goal, brands are led to equip themselves with an ecosystem of solutions that positions the customer at the heart of the company. This "customer-centric" ecosystem allows to design and orchestrate a seamless, end-to-end omnichannel customer experience. Marketing automation is an integral part of this ecosystem, as a CRM activation lever.

B2C solutions to consider: Actito, Splio, NP6, Cheetah Digital, Mapp, Selligent, Smart Focus, SAS, UNICA, Adobe, Oracle & Salesforce.
Velvet Consulting - Benoît Dugelay, Digital Experience Director
Velvet Consulting - Emmanuelle Muller, Manager
How to select a Social Media Monitoring solution
Social media intelligence tools have reached a new level of maturity and demand better integration within brand ecosystems. Indeed, beyond the ability to analyze data flows over defined audience segments, decision-makers expect these tools to provide intelligible business-oriented connectors - while protecting them from possible obstacles to the GDPR. What about the positioning of SMI players on these issues?

Solutions to consider: Brandwatch, Digimind, Meltwater, Talkwalker, Linkfluence, Sprinklr Core, Crimson Hexagon, Visibrain, Akio (Spotter), Synthesio
Smart Data & Dataviz: Implications for decision making
This new topic will present solutions for preparing, exploiting and making intelligible a large amount of data.

Solutions to consider: Pocket Result, PowerBI (Microsoft), Toucan Toco, Qlik Sense, Tableau Software, Google Data Studio, Looker, Datorama.
9:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Use Case
Visual and speech recognition: supplier selection methodology
While it is primarily used to automate targeting and create algorithms for audiences, new uses, combining different forms of ROI-bearing Machine Learning, are now emerging throughout the company's value chain.With voice (Speech-To-Text) and language (NLP) processing, new conversational experiences are also opening up: Transactional Voice Assistants, Enhanced Call Centers, etc. Given the diversity of application cases, the variety of on-demand AI services and the multiplicity of service providers, a methodology is needed to help business and data-science teams design solutions using these services and select the most appropriate providers.
Use Case
Best of Breed vs Suite
For several years, companies have been extensively internalizing marketing tools, signing direct contracts with editors.
Regarding the huge amount of investments it represents and the organizational and IT impacts, this topic has become highly strategic for companies.

Deciding for one or multiple technical partners is now critical and raises several questions: Which tool is the best? Should the decision be taken based on technology, on brand recognition or on the competition? Which technical stack to choose?

Among all these questions, a major one remains: should the stack be composed of best-of-breed solutions or of a full-stack solution?
9:20 AM - 9:30 AM
Inspirational Sessions
9:35 AM - 10:15 AM
How to Successfully Implement a Mobile Engagement Strategy
Application & Website Monitoring Best Practices for Marketers
E-Commerce website out of order during the sales, inaccessible on iPhone following an update, sudden loss of referencing due to a change of front...Too often, the subject of web & app performance is only really addressed during disasters. This session brings together the lessons learned from several hundred audits to establish the right conclusions, and take effective action by choosing the right solutions.

Solutions to consider: AppDynamics, CA Technologies, Dynatrace, New Relic, Netvigie, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Solarwinds, Splunk, Stackify Retrace...
Analysis of the CEM & Conversion Rate Optimization Ecosystem
The Conversion Rate Optimization solutions (CRO) market is growing fast. The study will compare the main European players and will provide an overview of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions.

CRO solutions to consider: AB Tasty, Kameleoon, Google Optimize, Qubit, Dynamic Yields et Adobe Target.CEM solutions to consider: ContentSquare, AB Tasty, Hotjar, LuckyOrange.
10:20 AM - 11:20 AM
One-2-One Meetings / Coffee Break
11:25 AM - 12:05 PM
Conversational Agents: how to define a strategy and organization to deal with the business stakes of tomorrow?
Lead by technological innovations and after two years of buzzing, the conversational agents are still at the heart of many reflections. Perceived as "the big next thing" in order to find ways of creating distinction, companies have increased tests and launches. What is the state of the art today? What are the business stakes? How to choose a solution and on which criteria? So many questions that we will answer in our study.

Solutions to consider: Botfuel, Bot Nation, DoYouDreamUp, Flow.Ai, Inbenta, Like a Bot, Synapse, The Chatbot Factory, Reply.Ai, Kore.Ai, Webotit, Alcméon, Visual Bot, Kwalys
Thinkmarket - Aurélien Abdoul, Senior Manager
Thinkmarket - Najiba Mokrani, Manager
Leveraging Consent Management Platforms (CMP) for data privacy: opportunities and challenges
Data privacy is a major challenge which carries great risks for advertisers and publishers. Consent Management Platforms (CMP) help marketers to solve part of these new issues through technology, by managing the consent left by digital users and offering other functionalities.Which opportunities do these solutions offer? What are the challenges to tackle for their deployment? What are the limits and caveats?

GDPR compliance solutions to consider: DataGalaxy, Didomi, Captain DPO, TrustArc, Privacil, BigID, OneTrust, Dawizz.
Consent Management Platforms to consider: Commanders Act, Tealium, Evidon, QuantCast, SourcePoint Technologie, Fidzup, Smart Adserver, SirData, Didomi, OneTrust, TrustArc, Chandago.
Converteo - Pierre-Eric Beneteau, Senior Manager
Analysis of the Web Analytics Ecosystem
Web Analytics is a central concern for marketing decision-makers since the implementation of the GDPR. While some solutions are consolidating into galaxies of tools with facilitating synergies, others are specializing in specific use cases and more flexible business models. How are the players in this market positioned in terms of challenges that, although numerous, are increasingly critical for brands seeking to offer a seamless experience?

Solutions to consider: Adobe Analytics, AT Internet, Eulerian, Google Analytics 360, Motamo, Webtrekk.
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM
Use Case
10 Workshops to develop practical skills and grow deep knowledge. As seats are limited, participants are required to sign up to them in advance.
12:45 PM - 1:55 PM
Thursday 23rd MayFriday 24th May

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SFR Medias Directrice Marketing Digital
Meteo-France deputy director marketing
Apréva Mutuelle - Groupe AÉSIO Chief Digital Officer CDO
BOUYGUES TELECOM Innovation Digital Manager
La Redoute Web Analyst Traffic
Groupe Pichet Director of Customer Experience
Air France KLM Customer Insights & Analytics
Virbac E-Business Manager
Nexity Head of new digital projects
ENGIE Happ-e by ENGIE Digital Marketing Manager
La Poste Business Development
HAGER Digital Factory Group Director
Compagnie Des Alpes Digital Performance Manager
Française des Jeux Head of Data Strategy
LACOSTE Global Online Marketing Manager
La Poste Social Media Director
Arkema Head of Customer Experience & Digital Marketing
Orange Online Director
home24 Marketing Director
Sodexo benefits and rewards Digital Marketing Lead
Groupe Avril Digital innovation Lead IT
La Poste Directrice du programme prioritaire commun connaissance clients
La Poste Directeur marketing silver
ENEDIS Directeur délégué du Programme Numerique
Lefebvre-Sarrut Chief Data Officer
FRANCE GALOP Digital Team Manager
L'oreal Directrice Ecommerce France
Heineken Entreprise E-commerce Manager
Wonga Marketing and Comms Director
Renault Digital Solution Platform Director
Arval Head od Digital Selfcare
RCI Head of Digital
HSBC Head of Digital Products & Experience
La Française Group Director of Communication and Digital
Socomec Digital Marketing Director
seloger.com head of advertising
L'Occitane En Provence Group Manager of Digital & Omnichannel Project Team
AG2R LA MONDIALE MATMUT Directeur digital clients et services numériques
AG2R LA MONDIALE MATMUT Head of Digital Solution & Innovation User Experience
HP Digital Manager Europe
LesFurets.com Head of Acquisition
Meliá Hotels International Head of Global Social Media
Louvre Hotels Group Chief Information Officer
TARKETT Digital Factory Coordinator
Peugeot Automobiles responsable Digital &CRM Peugeot France
BMW France Digital Strategy Manager
Orange Head of Data and Omnichannel Analytics
AUCHAN Directrice de projets digitaux - Responsable E-commerce Groupe
BYmyCAR Head of E-business
Universal Music France Directeur Média et Etudes Marketing
Label Emmaüs CEO
Boardriders Inc. VP Global IT Omni-channel & Digital
ratp Chief Marketing Officer CMO
HARMONIE MUTUELLE Responsable pole Interactions Clients
GROUPE BARRIERE Chief CRM and E Commerce Officer
Showroomprive VP New Business - Travel
Gamm vert E commerce Manager
Mgen Strategy Director
HP Digital Marketing Program Manager
Sacem Deputy Director of Marketing Digital Transformation & CRM
Galeries Lafayette Directrice Connaissance Clients
Francaise des Jeux Chief Data Officer
french bee Chief Commercial Marketing & Digital officer
Thalys International Commercial & Marketing Director
Dott.pt CEO
Edgewell Personal Care / Wilkinson Sword GmbH National Sales Manager Ecommerce & Digital
MISTERTEMP Chief Marketing Officer CMO
Louvre Hotels Group Transversal & Digital Programs Responsable
Disney Manager Digital guest Experience
L'Occitane International e-Commerce Manager
IT-CE Data Architect manager
orange Social Data Director
BMW France CRM Data Manager
Groupe Crédit Mutuel Responsable Support Digital UX et DataLab
BNP Paribas Personal Finance Head of Digital Factory
Digit RE Group Digital Director
RCI Bank & Services Chief Innovation Officer
Pontem Chief Marketing Officer CMO
SOCIETE GENERALE Responsable Web Analytics
SNCF responsable connaissance client & analytics
Distingo par PSA Banque Responsable Digital CRM et Communication
Cdiscount Traffic Acquisition Manager
monAlbumPhoto Marketing & Ecommerce Director