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Matthew Warren

This stage will be presented by Matthew Warren - Business editor , France 24

Welcome presentation
9:10 - 9:40

Patrick Ferraris

Patrick Ferraris
Global Leader for Digital Transformation, Capgemini Consulting

Opening Keynote by Patrick Ferraris, Global Leader for Digital Transformation of Capgemini Consulting

The Digital Advantage : How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry

Digital transformation – the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of enterprises – is one of the major strategic issues facing executives worldwide. Organizations in all industries are using digital advances in analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices to reshape their organizations. Working with the MIT Center for Digital Business, Capgemini Consulting has undertaken a significant research program to understand what these fast-moving digital innovations mean for large, traditional companies.  In two years of study –  covering more than 400 major organizations from all industries and geographies – we have investigated how these companies are reshaping their customer experience, operations and even their business models.

Our analysis has shown how companies that are leading the digital revolution deliver a measurably better financial performance than their peers – what we call the ‘Digital Advantage’. And we have identified the common patterns for how business leaders can build their Digital Advantage -- the DNA of the digital leader -- giving a clear direction for executives in all industries to succeed in their own digital transformation journey.

9:40 - 10:20

Matas PetrikasAmina BelghitiGilles Storme

Matas Petrikas
Product Manager, SoundCloud

Amina Belghiti
Head of Platform Partnerships, EMEA & New Markets, Facebook

Gilles Storme
VP Advertising,

The Rapidly Expanding Universe of Facebook Apps

What Are Their Objectives? Who Are Their Users?

  • How many applications are available on Facebook?
  • Are they particularly focused on certain sectors?
  • What can be accomplished with an app? What are their functionalities? What technology is used?
  • How are apps advertised to their target audience?
  • For what objectives are apps developed: generate direct revenue, data collection, communicate with end user?
  • Who are the app developers and who owns the apps?
  • What is the total revenue generated through Facebook apps? Sector by sector?

11:05 - 11:45

Nathalie GaveauMichael Amar

Nathalie Gaveau
Founder & CEO, Shopcade

Michael Amar
Co-founder & CEO, Ifeelgoods

How to Generate Revenue

Developing a Social Value Chain

First you get the data, then you get the value: is Facebook in a de facto monopoly position?
  • Is it risky to base a business model on a platform that keeps 30% of potential revenues, and is there a way around this? What is the fusion between Facebook and the web; is it possible to lure Facebook users to a website?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the social media economy: platform owners, publishers, developers, suppliers of credit... who else?
  • Have social payment systems experienced success? What are their uses, positives and negatives? Facebook, iTunes, Zynga...

11:45 - 12:30

Olivier GremillonAlex BalfourJerome Boudot

Olivier Gremillon
Country Manager, Airbnb

Alex Balfour
Head of New Media, London Olympics 2012

Jerome Boudot
CEO, Statigram

Crowdsourcing: Marketing that is Consumer Led, Engaging, Creative, Inclusive and... Free?

Crowdsourcing is on a roll due to the massive growth in reach and importance of social networks, allowing companies to tap the resources of customer passion and creativity. Businesses are able to improve products, create brand advocates, increase satisfaction and ensure their brand becomes more sustainable. If this is coupled with the fact that budgets are being cut back more and more, does Crowdsourcing represent the solution to put a targeted and effective marketing campaign in place at a cut price? 
What social tools are available to integrate in a project and manage a community? What are the objectives that experience the highest success: product launches, marketing strategies, events, etc? 
What type of communication plan and tools need to be used with Crowdsourcing in order to develop buzz; viral marketing, social networks, video, street marketing? What are the additional budget considerations surrounding the implementation of a project? 
What is the best way to manage and engage consumers; competitions, games, promotional offers...? How can a company encourage and reward the most original ideas? 

14:00 - 14:30

J. Matthew Collins

J. Matthew Collins
VP Marketing, Collaboration Solutions and Social Business, IBM

Keynote by Matt Collins, VP of Marketing, Collaboration Solutions and Social Business at IBM

Matt will articulate how Social Business has moved from "Linking to Leading", and how the explosion of digital data and the development of multi channel engagement systems have led to profound change within enterprise:

  • From an organisational stand point; (enterprise culture, employee advocates and assessment, risk & security...) using the example of IBM
  • How the role of marketers has evolved to address new challenges (social media, multi channel engagement, brand image & reputation, mobility...)
  • The overall missions of marketing, sales and IT executives are overlapping more and more, with the development of new systems of engagement and customer services, focused on driving towards an exceptional and smarter commerce experience
  • Leverage analytics to manage huge amounts of unstructured data in order to accelerate internal media adoption, track brand sentiment and uncover new business opportunities

14:30 - 15:15

Oceane CiuniCarla De PrevalJavier Panero

Oceane Ciuni
Social Media Manager & Journalist, Le Figaro

Carla De Preval
Digital Marketing Director, Yves Saint Laurent

Javier Panero
Community Manager, Lonely Planet

Building, Managing and Monetising a Community

Companies have always strived to easily communicate with their customers, understand their needs and establish loyalty. Communities allow companies to achieve these goals, bringing clients and prospects together in online, social and mobile communities. 
What makes a successful community; strategies, objectives, characteristics? How can success be measured; analytics, KPIs...? What can be achieved with a community; content production, idea generation, product development? 
What are the best ways to develop and grow and active community? Should companies create content, curate content, or both? How can a company ensure that they retain active community members, giving them what they want? 
In building a community, is there a tradeoff between the size of the community and the engagement of members? How should moderation and the establishment of guidelines in handled, in order to build trust? How can brands encourage and promote targeted activities while avoiding dictating to users? 

15:45 - 16:30

Marta ObrebskaRuth Coates

Marta Obrebska
Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy & Programs, EMEA Marketing, Dell

Ruth Coates
Marketing Manager Europe, Staples Inc.

Social Commerce

Social Media has changed the way that consumers and brands interact and engage; so how is it changing the shopping experience? Companies are succeeding in engaging with customers like never before through social networks, but most users log on to communicate or interact, not purchase. How can this be overcome, and what options and innovations are possible to encourage change and increase sales? 
With trust in advertising remaining low, how can a brand take advantage of recommendations, user ratings and product focused user-created content? 
What social platforms are suitable for social commerce? Does a brand need to have a strong presence across all main social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest...? What are the advantages of each channel? How can brands use particular characteristics of social networks (i.e. hashtags) to amplify sales, develop promotions and attract customers? 

16:30 - 17:15

Claire FouquerandFrederic N'DIAYEGaelle PeriatOlivier Mathieu

Claire Fouquerand
CRM & Innovation Director, Redcats

Frederic N'DIAYE
IT Manager, Redcats

Gaelle Periat
Web Analyst, IsCool Entertainment

Olivier Mathieu
Vice President of business operations, IsCool Entertainment

Success Stories: Showcasing the Leading Big Data Cases

Companies that have Identified its Importance, and have Developed New Big Data Structures

Presentation of Big Data projects:

  • The objectives of the project
  • Development and implementation with the organisation
  • Relationship with suppliers and clients
  • Desired outcomes vs achieved results
  • ROI of the project

Two leaders responsible for Big Data projects within their marketing departments will present their experience.