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Mystery CEO


Keynote Speech

A top CEO will discuss his or her company’s mobile strategy.


Tim Dunn
Director of Mobile Strategy, ISOBAR MOBILE

Miles Ross
Head of Mobile, IPC MEDIA

Christophe Henner
Board Member, WIKIMEDIA

James Christian
Head of Innovation, NET-A-PORTER

Basics First: what is a mobile site?

Four years ago, companies, brands and the media all considered whether they should optimise their websites for the mobile. In the age of tablets, 4G and full-screen browsers, the question of websites optimised for mobiles is replaced by the issue of dedicated applications. Should companies create apps? And if so, based on which standards (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.)?

What is a mobile site? What objectives should the mobile be assigned? Should it be an optimised website or a dedicated application (e.g., iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry)?

An example of consumer applications:
1.     As a major brand, how can the mobile complete our marketing strategy?
2.   As an e-merchant, how can the mobile help increase sales, more efficiently, more cheaply and improve customers’ shopping experience?
3.    As a player in the sports world (federation, equipment manufacturer/supplier, club, etc.), can the mobile help promote products, matches and ticketing?
4.   As a public service or a local authority, how can the mobile help to improve user/customer service? Can the application pay for itself?



Guillaume Bacuvier
Director, Mobile Sales & Operations, GOOGLE

Arda Kertmelioglu
VP Marketing, MOBILERA

Emanuele de Leonardis
International Head of Mobile Advertising, ORANGE

 Moderator :

Jérôme Stioui
President, AD4SCREEN

Mobile Advertising Formats and Financial Models

What are the formats and principles for navigating between different apps, mobile sites and websites accessible from a mobile?

  • Unintrusive messages (e.g., a small non-intrusive, temporary insert in an application)
  • Video messages
  • Hypermobile links, to other apps and/or mobile or fixed websites
  • What are the billing principles (sponsorship, CPA, etc.) and tariffs?

Contextualised messages, retargeting and behavioural marketing
What should be done with personal data, relating to operator profiles, browsing history, geolocation or data extracted from terminals’ GPS chips?

10.15 – 10.45 am Break (demonstrations)


Nicolas Boutet

Massimo Cavazzini
Infotainment and Digital Marketing Innovation, FIAT

Stephen Pinches
Group Product Manager on Mobile, FINANCIAL TIMES

Moderator :
Charles-Antoine Idrac

What Impact will the Mobile have on the Other Media?

In recent years, the Web has made its mark, exceeding radio, billboard advertising and, lately, the written press. What impact will mobile marketing have on the offline media economy? Will the budgets be taken out of web and e-mailing budgets or will the mobile grow at the expense of conventional media?


Rob Jonas

Sébastien Manaches


Mobile Analytics, Web Analytics and Mobile Campaign Monitoring

How can the efficiency of a mobile campaign be measured, what are the indicators, what integrated tools (dashboards) are available on the market? How does a mobile campaign fit in with a brand’s media planning and existing monitoring tools? Do the platforms running web and offline campaigns integrate the mobile or are special tools needed? How can the mobile be integrated into multi-channel management and reporting platforms?




Akin Arikan
Director Product Marketing and Strategy, IBM


Keynote by Akin Arikan, Multichannel Marketing Evangelist for IBM
4 Must-do tips for combining the science of mobile with the art of social marketing

With a fantastic wealth of choices and opportunities for your mobile marketing programs comes a great challenge: How can you avoid getting mired in every hype and spending resources on the channels that scream the loudest, instead of steering your mobile program with firm hands?
Join Akin Arikan, the author of Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success, to discuss strategic tips for combining the science of mobile with the art of social media marketing. Avoid the biggest mistakes. Align your strategy with the business. Drive to greater relevancy by going beyond mere trend level analytics and key performance indicators. And bring in the art of social to increase your persuasiveness and success on the mobile channel.
12.20 – 1.45 pm Lunch

Hani Ramzi
Mobile Advertising, ALCATEL LUCENT

Pablo Alvarez Sanchez
Snr Messaging Product Manager, TELEFONICA


SMS, MMS: Efficiency, Intrusion, Return Rate

What types of brands and what objectives can SMS/MMS be used for? What return rates are currently reported? Are these rates on a downward trend? Are they levelling off? How do consumers perceive receiving a commercial SMS? What other push tools are available?

Example of SMS/MMS campaigns:

  • Objectives
  • Messages
  • Cost
  • Perception of messages / Intrusion (perception study)




Daniel Rosen
Head of Mobile, AKQA

Jean Pierre Diernaz
Marketing & Communications Director, INFINITI

Jonathan Davis
Digital Publisher, RANDOM HOUSE

Moderator :
Charles-Antoine Idrac



How does Mobile Buzz Work?

Without buzz, apps would get nowhere. Of the 400,000 apps in the App Store, 399,000 remain on the shelves. What are the main principles behind mobile buzz, do they follow different rules from web buzz? How have the best-known games, gadgets and commercial applications succeeded in making their mark among users worldwide, and in generating such extraordinary word-of-mouth advertising? Did they achieve these results by maximising their presence on the mobile or by using the all the media at their disposal: not only the mobile, but also the web, offline advertising (e.g., billboards), TV and radio?

Reconstruction of an exemplary mobile buzz campaign



Patricia Levy
Directrice Générale Régie Publicitaire, SFR REGIE

Richard Firminger
European Managing Director, FLURRY

 Moderator :

Jérôme Stioui
President, AD4SCREEN


AD Networks & Mobile Exchange Platforms: the battle for mobile advertising management

What’s the current state of play as companies compete for mobile advertising leadership?
Apple’s policy with its iAD platform and 40% commission, and Google’s acquisition of AdMob leave little room for private advertising management and advertising agencies. Are we heading for an oligopoly or a monopoly situation in advertising management for the mobile environment?

How will the mobile advertising management market be structured?
Apart from access, the question of formats and technology platforms is still a major hurdle for conventional advertising players. How will the long-tail, AD Network (Millennial) and exchange platform approach be applied? How can a site or a campaign be integrated into an AD Network? What technical (media) and reporting (mobile analytics) interfaces are available? What legal restrictions and conditions do the networks usually apply?


Sylvain Grande
Director of Maps & Web, NOKIA

Keynote by Sylvain Grande, Director of Maps & Web for Nokia Location & Commerce
Sylvain is the Director of Maps & Web responsible for Nokia Maps on Nokia N9, Windows Phone, Symbian, and the html5 web app ( 
He has previous headed up business development for MySpace in Europe, having also worked in the music industry and corporate strategy. 
3.20 – 3.50 pm Break

Ben Allgrove

Jean-Marc Dompietrini
EMEA Database Marketing Manager, DELL

Stephane Py
Data Management Consultant, ALTARES


Personal Data Collection and Qualified Mobile Marketing Database Distribution

What do we do with the data collected on smartphone and tablet users? Can this data be monetised? Mutualised? Who owns this information and how can its value and reliability be ensured? Which public databases are available on the market? How much do they cost, how reliable are they and how are they compiled?



Thibaut de Lataillade
VP of Southern Europe, ROAMBI

Virginie Fauvel
Head of E-Business, BNP PARIBAS

James Christian
Head of Innovation, NET-A-PORTER

Sarah Herz
Head of Digital Activities, CONDE NAST

Frédéric Toquin
Head of Websites & Innovation, SELOGER

Animateur :

Samir Addamine
Founder, Clicmobile

TOP 10 Professional Mobile Applications for iPhone and Android

Userfriendliness, use, added value, number of users, duration and frequency of use, turnover, etc. Which are the most powerful and successful applications on the world market?

  • Top 10 e-Commerce apps
  • Top 10 Tourism / travel apps
  • Top 10 Media apps
  • Top 10 Banking and financial apps
  • Top 10 Business-to-Business apps
  • Top 10 innovative apps (geolocation, dating, coverage, etc.)