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Tim Green

This stage will be presented by Tim Green - Founder and Editor in Chief , Mobile Money Revolution

Welcome presentation
9:00 - 9:40

Benoist GrossmannChristian LeyboldNenad Marovac

Benoist Grossmann
Managing Partner, Idinvest

Christian Leybold
General Partner,

Nenad Marovac
Founder & Managing Partner, DN Capital

Opening Keynote

Investing in, Backing and Developing a Global Leader in Digital Media

  • What are the suitable domains and industries in which new companies can penetrate and assert themselves? What are the required market conditions to help develop a digital industry leader?
  • Are marketing and advertising the only ways to create a profitable digital service?
  • Are there methods or ploys to make people pay for content and useful applications? Why is it so tough for Facebook and other social media platforms to generate substantial revenues?
  • What is the future of Social Media and more specifically Social Media Apps? What business model would make social apps financially successful?
  • To what extent is mobile taking over the web? What actions are more suited to Mobile than traditional web? What are the leading apps, brands and services on mobile; what are their business models and their value creation goals?
  • What are the investor exit strategies for mobile and social apps? Who are the potential buyers and for what value?
  • Is Europe a good fit for digital enterprise creation? Why are there so few European born leaders that have achieved global leadership?
What are the sectors in which investors aim to focus your investments in the coming years, and what will be the next big digital success story in mobile business and digital media?

9:40 - 10:20

Richard DennysMichel MeyerPierrine Griffiths Delabarre

Richard Dennys
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Qype

Michel Meyer
Chief Mobile Officer, Viadeo

Pierrine Griffiths Delabarre
Head of Mobile Business Development , Meetic

Mobile Business: Developing Revenue Streams

Find out which business model is suitable and how to build a profitable value chain on mobile. Develop and improve:
  • Revenue from direct sales
  • Revenue from advertising
  • The remuneration of intermediaries
  • Payment issues

11:05 - 11:45

Derrick FountainPaul BowenJonathan Ferrebeuf

Derrick Fountain
Global Mobile Product Leader, Al Jazeera

Paul Bowen
VP & General Manager Europe, TapJoy

Jonathan Ferrebeuf
Co-Founder, Giftiz

Fighting for Users

The battle revolves around the visibility of applications; their ability to gain and retain users, and to attract more and more as they go:
  • Is store ranking the primary means to acquire users?
  • How to improve app ranking? Should companies use dedicated services to artificially inflate users and downloads, buying a better position?
  • Are traditional marketing channels such as display advertising, web marketing or broadcast media suitable for acquiring new users?
  • Should apps be coupled with an internet and/or a mobile website? To what extent do these sites assist apps in growing their user base?
  • Most importantly, how can we entice users to persuade their contacts, friends and relatives to use the app? How does word of mouth work on mobile? How can its effects be maximised?

11:45 - 12:30

David SteinbergerMichail Katkoff

David Steinberger
CEO, Comixology

Michail Katkoff
Monetization Manager, Rovio

Motivating Users to Upgrade from Free to Paid

Do Freemium Users Pay Eventually?

The freemium model, consisting of providing free content in order to hook customers into paying for premium features, has established itself as a leading model for mobile business. The model allows apps to quickly spread, establishing the brand and reputation of the app, growing the number of users and accordingly converting them into paying customers.
  • Does the model actually work?
  • What is the conversion rate between free and paid users?
  • How long does it take consumers to make the move from free to paid?
  • When user and revenue related targets are reached, should the app become exclusively a paid app?
  • Once there are enough paying customers, should publishers continue to invest in the free version of the app?

14:00 - 14:30

Jamel Gafsi

Jamel Gafsi
Head of Xbox live Music Engineering, Microsoft

Keynote by Jamel Gafsi, Head of Xbox live Music Engineering, Microsoft

GO BIG with the Cloud : products or services innovation, no limit !

Jamel joined Microsoft in 2005 as an industry hire, bringing with him; both his media and networking technical expertise as a Ph.D. in distributed Multimedia systems, and his business and entrepreneurial experience as a CEO and Founder of a pan-European media delivery and CDN Software startup.

Within Microsoft, Jamel has first led the product and partner ecosystems expansion for Microsoft’s media technologies across the EMEA region, first in the Windows Division, then as part of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) division . For the past 5 years, Jamel has made deep and lasting contributions in the expansion of IEB’s Music and Entertainment Product, Services, and Strategy. As part of that, he proposed and drove the due diligence and acquisition of Musiwave (a European multimedia services startup) in 2007, played a leading role in the integration of the new team into Microsoft, and for the past two years turned this venture into a strong engineering powerhouse with large Microsoft-class contributions to IEB and to the company.  

As the Partner GM of the Microsoft Engineering Center – Paris, Jamel is heading Xbox Music Engineering as it’s delivered in 35 countries on Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone devices to potentially hundreds of millions of consumers.

14:30 - 15:15

Noel JaffreGokhan Salmanoglu

Noel Jaffre
Technology Strategist Director, Oracle

Gokhan Salmanoglu
Division Head - NeoBusiness & Digital Marketing, Pfizer

Mobile for Professional Markets

Business to Business Mobile Applications

Mobile is not limited to consumer focused businesses; the developments in this area are also helping community services, utilities, industrial companies, construction groups and suppliers. 
  • How are smartphones and tablets changing the way manufacturers and B2B centred companies operate; in relation to production, sales and delivery?
  • Do M2M technologies represent a significant opportunity to improve productivity?
  • Can mobile boost and broaden the services offered, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing market share in the process? 

15:45 - 16:30

James D. DavlourosBenjy MeyerOlivier Mathiot

James D. Davlouros
VP Mobile Business Development Europe, MasterCard Worldwide

Benjy Meyer
Head of New Channels, Marks & Spencer

Olivier Mathiot
Co-Founder, VP of Marketing & Communication, PriceMinister

M-Commerce: Opening a Mobile Store

A mobile store, whether a site or an application, must provide a user friendly experience while remaining consistent with the brand message; and achieve all this on a 3 inch screen. It can't simply be a reproduction of a traditional website on a mobile device, but a new project as part of a multi-channel strategy, strengthening connectivity with consumers at every touch point. 
How can a company create a mobile shopping experience which is consistent with their brand image? How to maximize traffic in an m-commerce platform? Are conversion techniques the same as on traditional web? What are the existing mobile payment solutions: secure online bank payments to mobile wallets? What will the future hold? 
How is the m-commerce market maturing: who are the m-buyers, what is the average basket size, what are the leading products on mobile? What sectors are best suited and most inclined to develop a mobile store? What are the techniques needed to convince m-buyers?
How can a mobile commerce system be improved through customer's wants, needs and feedback? How can a company track and increase the ROI of its' mobile store? 

16:30 - 17:15

Didier QuillotFrederic MazzellaIain DendleStephane Zwahlen

Didier Quillot
CEO, Coyote System

Frederic Mazzella
CEO & Founder, BlaBlaCar

Iain Dendle
Business Development Director Europe, Shazam

Stephane Zwahlen
Digital and social media manager, Volkswagen AG

Showcase - Apps Outperforming Expectations

Successful developers will share experiences from their apps which have bested their targets, blasted the numbers, surpassed conversion rates and generated large revenues.